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Personality: Open-minded foodie
Hobbies: Cooking, baking, and tasting!
Dream Job: Head chef at my own restaurant
Vacation Must: Taste, make, and share new foods
Style: Loose and flowy... like my aprons
Favorite Animal: Cat
Motto: Let's try it!
Lucky Number: Thirteen aka a baker's dozen
Favorite Color: Yellow b/c it's the happiest
Birthday: July 28
I’m a Good Friend because: Everyone is welcome at my table
What I've Been Up To
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journey girl doll mikaella my story

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I love learning about different cultures through different foods.
Today = France,
Tomorrow = ??

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journey girl doll mikaella cooking
Cooking is my passion
Cupcake Croissant

My INSPIRATION is a clean kitchen and a stocked fridge.

I have all I need to create a delish dish.

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18 inch doll accessories refrigerator
All ready to cook!
18 inch doll accessories kitchen 18 inch doll accessories kitchen mixer

My dream is to one day have my own restaurant. But first I need to finish writing my cookbook.

18 inch doll accessories kitchen What my cookbook might look like! heart Recipe cards

It’s so important that I eat a healthy and balanced diet. That means saying YES to veggies.

Looks good, am I right?

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18 inch doll accessories kitchen food
Let's try it!

My friends and I had a canned food drive. Together we donated 60 cans to our soup kitchen!

@NYC with the gals... that means delis, Chinese food, bagels, + PIZZA!!!

journey girls dana, meredith, kyla and mikaella
Great friends & food!
New York City

Cooking with a friend is twice as fun. Callie and I love making , and eating , brownies.

Post recipes and pics using #journeygirlsmikaella!

journey girls callie and mikaella

I love expressing myself through my cooking and my fashion.

mix + match = fun

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18 inch doll clothing outfits mikaella
Chili pepper
Lots of types of food

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