the journey’s
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Personality: HIGH energy, philosophical, and quick-witted
Hobbies: Doing EVERYTHING & doing nothing at all
Dream Job: Track star
Vacation Must: Sneakers and a place to stretch, run, and be active!
Style: Dressing up, or dressing down and casual
Favorite Animal: Horse
Motto: What’s next?!
Lucky Number: Seven
Favorite Color: Orange, because I love Fall!
Birthday: October 16
I’m a Good Friend because: I love to help others to do their best
What I've Been Up To
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Catch me if you can! I love to roller blade every chance I get.

Let the good times ROLL!

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journey girl doll meredith rollerblades
Safety first
journey girl doll meredith skateboard

OUCH! I had to miss a month of soccer after I broke my leg.

journey girls accessories cast
journey girls accessories wheelchair journey girls accessories crutches

Had an amazing time on the beaches of Australia - chilling in the hut or walking on the sand at sunset.

Meet us at the beach hut...

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18 inch doll furniture beach hut
So much fun!

Love getting glammed up but not when I run. That’s my time to destress in dirty sneakers lol

One of the best parts about having so many friends is sharing all the clothes. Thanks, girls!

I love to try different looks...

journey girls kyla, meredith, kelsey and callie
I heart fashion!
18 inch doll accessories blue bag 18 inch doll clothes casual outfit

So proud of myself and community at the charity bike ride last spring. What a great cause!

18 inch doll accessories bike helmet
heart Grad Cap

My friends are my lifeline. We love to hang together.

journey girls kelsey, meredith and chavonne
New York City

I’ll never pass on the chance to dress up. Here we are about to go to the Winter Ball.

We sparkled like snowflakes...

journey girls kyla, meredith and kelsey
Love love these looks!

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