the journey’s
about to begin...

Personality: Artist, dreamer, quietly observant
Hobbies: Photography, doodles, Instagram
Dream Job: Photographer or gallery owner
Vacation Must: Camera + Great scenery!
Style: Always on trend w/ colorful and stylish choices
Favorite Animal: Dolphin
Motto: Click!
Lucky Number: Five
Favorite Color: Blue
Birthday: May 26
I’m a Good Friend because: I'm honest and sincere
What I've Been Up To
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The sun, the sand, the waves! Some of my best shots from our Australia trip were taken at the beach.

Always capture the good times...

shop journey girls
18 inch doll accessories beach chair
Snapping a pic at high tide

For every city we have visited, I have taken great shots!

Ancient Ruins

When we all look this amazing, I can’t NOT snap a pic!

journey girls kyla, meredith and mikaella
New York City skyline

Back to school! My favorite classes are Art and English.

New year, new art supplies, new clothes...

journey girl dolls meredith and kyla
Paintbrush Sticker Paint Palette

Have fun with photography by taking some selfies!

Using props can make a good selfie GREAT!

view accessories
journey girls chavonne and kyla
Say Cheese!
Selfie props

I take a camera everywhere... Click. Snap. POST!

My camera Snap! Sticker

Love stocking my closet with stylish clothes. Fashion is another way to express yourself!

See in my closet...

journey girl doll kyla with ponytails
Fashion is ART
18 inch doll accessories trunk and clothes 18 inch doll clothing silver and pink shoes
hearts hearts hearts

Beautiful scenery and great friends make everything EXTRAORDINARY!

journey girl dolls kelsey and kyla
Picture Perfect!

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