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Personality: Creative and smart
Hobbies: Reading, writing, and exploring
Dream Job: Writer
Vacation Must: Make a schedule and STICK to it
Style: Can't live w/out all my bags!
Favorite Animal: Elephants
Motto: You're never bored if you have a book
Lucky Number: Four, the most books I read in one day!
Favorite Color: Red like my HAIR + strawberries
Birthday: May 16
I’m a Good Friend because: I am funny and understanding
What I've Been Up To
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journey girl doll kelsey my story

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When I’m not reading I’m WRITING about my adventures.

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journey girl doll kelsey in braids
Love 2 explore!!!
18 inch doll accessories notebook

I met a new friend while adventuring by the beach. Such a pretty place!

Buckle up on my scooter!

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journey girl doll kelsey on her vespa
So inspiring
Beautiful Beach

I helped Meredith prep her style for our trip to Australia. Pink is SO her color.

Check out my DIY salon...

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How does she look?
Hair supplies 18 inch doll accessories salon chair
hearts hearts hearts

FASHION TIP – A watch can be a great accessory + always help you be on time!

Be practical AND fabulous...

18 inch doll clothing watch
Time to start reading
Punctual Sticker A cute bag Cute bag Smart sticker

Ready to go to the museum with Kyla and ILee. I like to go early when it opens to beat the crowd...

journey girls kyla, ilee and kelsey
Obsessed with these bags

Bonjour! Je m'appelle Kelsey. I learned some phrases in French just in time for our trip to Paris!

The Eiffel Tower French Flag Macarons

#TBT to Callie’s Bday! So happy I could help my friend plan her perfect party.

I used plenty of purple – her fav!

journey girls callie and kelsey
Butterfly Happy Birthday Sticker Party Horn Party Hat
Party flags

1st prize! I’m so proud that my short story won the contest at school. Next up: My 1st Novel.

18 inch doll accessories sunglasses
Pencils and notebook paper Blue ribbon

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