the journey’s
about to begin...

Journey Girls are 18-inch dolls each with unique personalities, style, and interests. Get to know and love each girl as they share their adventures all over the world.

chavonne vector

Cool, confident, and in-control, Chavonne is a natural leader and talented musician with a solution to every problem and an outfit for every situation.

dana vector

Dana has never met an animal she didn’t absolutely love and adore. Whether it’s a ladybug or a lion, Dana loves to learn more about them and snap a pic whenever she can.

kelsey vector

Kelsey can usually be found with her head in a book or a pen in her hand. Smart, funny, and creative, Kelsey’s dream is to write books all about the adventures of her and her friends.

meredith vector

Meredith is athletic and on-the-go, but don’t let that fool you – she gives 110% on the field but also loves making time to get glammed up and hang out with her friends.

kyla vector

A bright and happy dreamer, Kyla sees beauty in everything and loves capturing that beauty in her art, including her paintings, doodles, and photography. Friends love her for her sincerity and honesty.

mikaella vector

Mikaella is a foodie and aspiring chef who loves learning about new cultures through different cuisines. You can usually find her creating a new recipe or snapping a pic of her perfect plate.

callie vector

When she isn’t dancing, Callie loves to experiment with fabrics and patterns. Quick-witted and confident, she frequently has her friends rolling with laughter.

ilee vector

Ilee is a free spirit who loves to feel the wind in her hair and the grass between her toes. Always the optimist, her spontaneous and spirited attitude has made Ilee the perfect new addition to the Journey Girls.

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