the journey’s
about to begin...

Personality: Free spirited + spontaneous
Hobbies: Gardening, camping, fishing
Dream Job: Farmer or florist
Vacation Must: Wide, open space!
Style: Boho-chic with a touch of nature in every outfit!
Favorite Animal: Butterfly
Motto: Bloom, grow, blossom!
Lucky Number: Don’t have just one… I’m too spontaneous!!
Favorite Color: Green
Birthday: August 5
I’m a Good Friend because: When you can’t find sunshine, BE the sunshine!
What I've Been Up To
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journey girl doll ilee my story

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I had a great time in Australia and felt one with the sand and surf.

Our beach hut was right on the water...

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18 inch doll accessories surfboard
The water’s fine!

My favorite time of year is when all the butterflies are out. SO beautiful!!

Camping helps me take a technology break and feel closer to nature.

Let’s be adventurers under the stars...

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18 inch doll accessories tent
LOVE my new tent!
journey girl ilee in nature

About to board the plane with the girls. I’m so excited to see the world!

journey girl doll ilee travels
Almost time to board!

Kyla, Kelsey and I dressed and ready to go to the nature museum.

journey girls kelsy, ilee and kayla
Can’t wait!
New York City skyline

So many special days! DYK there’s Earth Day, National Flower Day, and World Water Day?

Exploring some local gardens, farms and fields.

journey girl doll ilee loves nature
Wild and free
journey girl ilee smells flowers
Selfie props

I was all dolled up the night I met the girls in NYC.

What a memorable time in NYC...

18 inch doll clothes silver gown
Happy holidays!

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