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Personality: Animal Lover with a BIG HEART
Hobbies: Dog Walking and List Making
Dream Job: Veterinarian
Vacation Must: Visit the local zoo, sanctuary, or safari
Style: Plaids, prints, and cozy clothes!
Favorite Animal: Too Many to Choose!
Motto: Love ur friends, Love animals & LOVE YOU
Lucky Number: Twenty - That's how many dogs I've trained!
Favorite Color: Pink
Birthday: November 1
I’m a Good Friend because: I’m positive and caring
What I've Been Up To
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journey girl doll dana my story

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My fav horse at the stable. She is SUCH a sweetheart – and I got to name her!

Come check out the stable!

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journey girl doll dana riding horse
Riding Day
18 inch doll accessories horse

DYK marsupials carry their babies in a pouch? It’s kind of like my new purse, but for your baby!

18 inch doll accessories silver bag
My Favorite Bag!
Butterfly Cuteness Alert

Graduation day!!! I’m so proud of all my students haha <3

Service Dog These are service dogs who were trained to help people who are sick or have special needs. heart Grad Cap

FAB-U-LOUS! All glammed up with Chavonne and our newest friend, ILee, in New York City.

journey girls chavonne, ilee and dana
Cute Alert!
BFF High Heel Glam
New York City

I REALLY like writing lists. Writing lists helps me...

To Do List Pencil Butterfly

Don’t be scared to play with fashion & find what YOU love.Heart

Do you like my HEART shirt too?

journey girl doll dana loves fashion
I Love Patterns
journey girl doll dana walks a dog 18 inch doll clothes red fringe jacket and boots Blue and Pink Heart Fashion Sticker Pink Heart
hearts hearts hearts

Every summer I volunteer with my local animal shelter. I love caring for animals in need. Volunteering makes the world a better place.

Time to get clean...

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Bath Time!
Bath Time!
Purple Caring Heart Volunteer Pin Dog Cat

I’ve worn glasses since the fourth grade. Without them it’s hard to see things far away. I like choosing Fun and Bold frames that match my style.

journey girl doll dana in blue glasses
Feeling Fun Today
journey girls dana and kelsey

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