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Personality: Cool & confident fashionista
Hobbies: Performing and travelling
Dream Job: Singer/​Musician/​Performer
Vacation Must: Anywhere there is a stage!
Style: Brave, bold, and never a miss
Favorite Animal: Lions - b/c they are brave
Motto: When words fail, music speaks
Lucky Number: Three
Favorite Color: Silver
Birthday: April 10
I’m a Good Friend because: I always listen and give my honest opinion
What I've Been Up To
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journey girl chavonne my story

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Music is my life – I ALWAYS have a song in my head

I write music and create my own playlists...

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18 inch doll chavonne with guitar
Future solo artist

When I write music, the notes come together so easily…

journey girl headphones

My fashion choices are Bold and Brave just like me!

When I travel I always want to pack it all!

journey girl doll chavonne in red jacket
Lucky red jacket!
journey girl doll chavonne in pink glasses

I’ll sing in the sunshine OR in the rain… and look good every time.

When life gives you rain, wear cute boots and jump in a puddle!

journey girl doll chavonne in purple
LOVE my purple hat
journey girl doll chavonne in purple

My greatest claim to fame was performing in Australia wearing THIS DRESS!

journey girls callie, chavonne and mikaella
Always by my side
New York City

Sometimes my nerves get to me… to stay calm I breath and think about my favorite color - silver!

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Home sweet home. When we’re not on a trip we still love hanging out together.

Join the sleepover fun!

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journey girls mikaella and chavonne have a slumber party
Slumber party!
18 inch doll accessories bed 18 inch doll clothes robe, nightgown and slippers Blue and Pink Heart Fashion Sticker

I love rocking my natural hair in all different styles.

journey girl chavonne natural hair
journey girl chavonne hair up

Dreaming of the big stage. One day you’ll see my name in lights!

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