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Personality: Witty fashionista who never misses a beat!
Hobbies: Dancing and humor
Dream Job: Professional dancer
Vacation Must: Dance floor and great comedy show
Style: Edgy classic with a touch of glam
Favorite Animal: Polar bear, because I love winter
Motto: Practice like you’ve never won, perform like you’ve never lost
Lucky Number: Eight - how old I was when I started dance competitions
Favorite Color: Purple
Birthday: December 11
I’m a Good Friend because: I can make you laugh no matter the circumstance!
What I've Been Up To
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journey girl doll callie my story

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Rehearsal is tough on my feet, but dancing is my life.

To Do List

Adorable PJs and great tunes – 2 must-haves at any slumber party!

Stay up late and celebrate with us...

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18 inch dolls ilee and callie
Like my loft bed?
journey girl doll callie reflection

While we were in the city I just had to see the New York City Ballet.

Grad Cap

Off on our next adventure! I was dancing all the way to my seat.

What's in your suitcase?

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18 inch doll accessories suitcase
All set for takeoff
Butterfly Cuteness Alert

Fashion isn’t just about clothes. I style my hair to match my mood or my clothes.

journey girl doll callie with bangs
Rockin my bangs
journey girl doll callie with headband

My friends always support my hobby and love taking me out to celebrate after a dance recital.

journey girls dana, kyla and callie
Me & my BFFs

Kyla and I plan our last day in Paris over tea and breakfast.

A quick snack and then off we go...

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18 inch doll accessories café table and chairs
What a view!
18 inch doll accessories café table

My “go to” with fashion is mixing different pieces. You never know what goes until you try!

I always add a touch of glam...

journey girl doll callie in pink
Edgy meets classy
18 inch doll clothes winter accessories 18 inch doll clothes orange shorts
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